Book Recommendations Based on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

July 7th marked the release of Taylor Swift’s Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) album including 6 brand new songs from the Vault – Taylor’s collection of unreleased songs!   Below is a list of book recommendations for each of Taylor’s Vault track songs from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) that are sure to have you “Enchanted”! “Electric Touch”Continue reading “Book Recommendations Based on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)”

New Books Coming Out Summer 2023 

Summer provides the opportunity for many new book releases. Those who work in the publishing industry, and book lovers, know that Tuesdays are release day for books! The new releases of this summer’s Tuesdays are certainly exciting and interesting!  From romances to thrillers to historical fiction, there is something for every reader to add toContinue reading “New Books Coming Out Summer 2023 “

Book Recommendations for Summer: Part Two 

Science Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy Welcome readers and book lovers for the second part of book recommendations for summer! Last week’s blog post offered summer book recommendations for readers interested in romance, thrillers, and historical fiction. This week’s post focuses on science fiction, mystery, and fantasy.  These three genres, although distinctly unique, all share similarities includingContinue reading “Book Recommendations for Summer: Part Two “

Book Recommendations for Summer

Romance, Thriller, Historical Fiction    The months of summer are unlike any other time of the year. Summertime is an era of warm weather, cool breezes, school breaks, and fun with family and friends. Summer also provides the perfect opportunity for readers to catch up on their to-read list and discover new books. Whenever IContinue reading “Book Recommendations for Summer”

Meet the Writers: Bookshelf Tour with Alexandra Baumbusch

In order to get to know a little bit more about me, I thought I’d share a tour of my bookshelf, or maybe more aptly, my book-bucket. Any avid reader dreams of a quiet library filled with their most-loved books in an array of shelves from top to bottom. However, while living at home, myContinue reading “Meet the Writers: Bookshelf Tour with Alexandra Baumbusch”

Author Spotlight: Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover’s novels have taken social media by storm. With intense, heart-wrenching writing and well developed characters, it’s no wonder her books are so popular. Hoover worked as a teacher and social worker before publishing her first book, Slammed, in 2012, and becoming a New York Times best selling author overnight. In the past decade,Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Colleen Hoover”

How to Make Reading a Habit

In a world of constant commotion, taking the time to breathe and open a book can feel like a luxury. Often times we find ourselves making “reading” one of our New Year’s resolutions or claim that we’ll read once life finally calms down. The reality is that we have to be intentional with our timeContinue reading “How to Make Reading a Habit”

5 Mangas to Read This Summer! (For Beginners)

With anime becoming increasingly popular in our mainstream media, I’ve decided to compile my top 5 manga from various genres. For those unfamiliar with anime, it’s regarded as Japanese animation in the United States. Manga is the graphic novel or comic book equivalent of anime. The majority of anime is adapted from manga, although notContinue reading “5 Mangas to Read This Summer! (For Beginners)”

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Graphic Novels

Growing up with a love for all creative forms of fiction, I found myself most drawn to novels. I spent hours at a time immersed in the worlds presented to me; a book was on me at all times. Reading was always something I sought out on my own, never instructed. To my parents andContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Graphic Novels”