Our Future Reads Incorporated
Chicago, IL

About Us

Our Future Reads was founded based upon the vision of a future where all individuals, regardless of background, have access to the knowledge and perspectives contained within books, enabling them to realize their full potential. Here at Our Future Reads, we take in donated books and then make personalized donations to the members of other non-profit organizations. Their members request specific genres or books and Our Future Reads fulfills that request with our inventory of donated books. The donations create lasting sparks of curiosity for years to come. Our Future Reads services those that may not have the means to buy every book on the shelf but still would love to read them. 

Our Core Values:

Accessibility – making books and resources available to everyone, regardless of background or circumstances.

Inclusivity – promoting a diverse range of books and perspectives to reflect the variety of experiences and identities in our society.

Empowerment – enabling individuals to pursue their own interests and passions through access to books and knowledge.

Curiosity – valuing and encouraging the innate human desire to explore and learn.

Collaboration – working with partners in the community to expand the reach and impact of the organization.

Community – fostering connections and shared experiences through the love of books.

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