How to Make Reading a Habit

In a world of constant commotion, taking the time to breathe and open a book can feel like a luxury. Often times we find ourselves making “reading” one of our New Year’s resolutions or claim that we’ll read once life finally calms down. The reality is that we have to be intentional with our time in order to successfully read.

Take a Step Back

An important first step when trying to squeeze something new into your schedule is to assess how you are spending the rest of your time. Take a look at your day to day, noticing where you have free time and where there is room for adjustments. You should also be realistic about how much time you have to set aside, your priorities, and your reading goals. After all, reading a few pages a day is better than not reading at all.

Set Time Aside

Now that you have an idea of your schedule, it’s important to be intentional with your reading time. It’s easy to turn on the TV or waste hours on social media, but you must take control of how you spend your time. If you don’t pick that book up, it will only collect more dust on the shelf, and you’ll have let more time pass by that could’ve been spent enjoying a book.

Fun Ideas

When it comes to reading, there’s a plethora of exciting ways to do it! Try choosing a book with a friend or partner and agree on a time to come together to discuss it. You can do this in smaller groups or even join a book club.

If you have children and you struggle to find the time to dig in, consider designating time to read as a family or to read separately throughout the house. If your children are of reading age, this can come in handy as some quiet time for the parents!

Consider setting a fun goal for yourself, such as finishing one book each month. Keep track of your reading in a journal, create art based on your current read, or add little rewards for meeting your goals. Going to see the movie version of a recently finished book can be a fun reward too.

Dedicate a certain area, chair, or nook in your house just for reading. Displaying your books and having them visible will increase the chances of wanting to pick one up, not to mention snuggling up in a cozy corner and indulging.

Closing Thoughts

I know many, including myself, struggle to set time aside just for reading. Even if the house could be cleaner or the TV sounds easier, choosing to read instead will be more satisfying and rewarding.

I hope this article has helped you find some exciting new ways to incorporate reading into your regular schedule and reminded you that your goals are attainable.

Stay curious and happy reading!

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