Understanding Clichés and Tropes

Cliches and tropes have been around for centuries, embedding themselves into the minds of readers and subconsciously shaping their preferences. The villain with a tragic past, the secretive new girl in town, the small town dreamer turned epic hero: these are just a few examples of common literary tropes. How have authors used these classicContinue reading “Understanding Clichés and Tropes”

5 Dark Academia Novel Recommendations Based on Their Aesthetics

Dark academia is among the most popular aesthetics readers search for when looking for a new book. An aesthetic that puts a dark veil over classical academia, one that’s filled with old libraries, pleated uniform skirts, loafers, and skulls filled with melting candles. If you’re looking to peer into mysterious student life, fantastical dilemmas, andContinue reading “5 Dark Academia Novel Recommendations Based on Their Aesthetics”

Making Reading Fun for Children

Reading is both a skill and joy usually acquired at a young age. Every child’s experience is unique and it’s important to take into account every child’s needs and desires while walking alongside them in their reading journey. Below I’ve curated a few things to consider when helping a child find passion and curiosity forContinue reading “Making Reading Fun for Children”

How Listening to Music Can Help You Read

Reading is a magical thing, but sometimes, it can be pretty challenging to focus. Is listening to music a reasonable solution for this? Surprisingly, yes: depending on your individual learning style, reading along to music might make the act of reading easier. The rest of this article will discuss the five main benefits of thisContinue reading “How Listening to Music Can Help You Read”

Author Spotlight: Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover’s novels have taken social media by storm. With intense, heart-wrenching writing and well developed characters, it’s no wonder her books are so popular. Hoover worked as a teacher and social worker before publishing her first book, Slammed, in 2012, and becoming a New York Times best selling author overnight. In the past decade,Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Colleen Hoover”

How to Make Reading a Habit

In a world of constant commotion, taking the time to breathe and open a book can feel like a luxury. Often times we find ourselves making “reading” one of our New Year’s resolutions or claim that we’ll read once life finally calms down. The reality is that we have to be intentional with our timeContinue reading “How to Make Reading a Habit”

5 Books by Asian Authors

In many ways, media representation may seem trivial compared to the other serious issues plaguing the Asian American community. It’s certainly a valid critique— the push for representation must also be applied to policies passed on a state and national level. Representation in media is merely one facet of equity. Without institutional reform, real changeContinue reading “5 Books by Asian Authors”

5 YA Book Recommendations for Fantasy Beginners

Young Adult books are excellent segues into new genres, no matter your age. With easier overall comprehension than adult books, YA is the simplest way to dip your toes into unfamiliar genres— including fantasy. I’ve put together a list of five YA fantasy novels that I believe are the perfect introduction into this genre. TheContinue reading “5 YA Book Recommendations for Fantasy Beginners”

5 Books Based on Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology has blessed the world of literature with complex characters, riveting stories, and a gripping way to explore history. In recent years there has been a surge of retellings and new perspectives in the genre, shedding light on emotional warfare, internal struggles, and unfolding backstories. Whether you’re an avid fan or just dipping yourContinue reading “5 Books Based on Greek Mythology”