Ponder After an Error

Part of being human is making mistakes, And doing anything it takes to avoid mistakes is amiable and admirable, but a fundamental part of reality is human mortality, and never making mistakes is simply impossible, so do anything possible to live and learn, and then earn knowledge and wisdom, for the world is like aContinue reading “Ponder After an Error”

Imperial Material

Living with material objects Could create a legal objection, So pause… For a period of reflection, Especially since imperialism Indelibly impacts realism All throughout history, But rather than seek glory, Choose to reform, And form a newfound story On the journey of a lifetime, For life itself Could truly be sublime, Which could come aboutContinue reading “Imperial Material”

The Mirror of a Seer

Revelation through reflection Magical transformation Seeing within the present without lamentation, and while the unknown is yet to be seen, unlocking the mystery holds the key to endless possibilities, and by seeing beyond the horizon, knowing the unknown can help a person realize how much one has grown with no need for a disguise, andContinue reading “The Mirror of a Seer”

Friendship and Love Way Up Above

Jane Austen wrote Love and Friendship Long before the invention of television, And sitcoms openly display situational comedy Oftentimes with various forms of irony, and the enduring legacy of the Friends TV show encouraged a wide audience to value quality friendships and relationships that make companionship both essential and fundamental while acknowledging how human interactionsContinue reading “Friendship and Love Way Up Above”

The Benefit of Juliet

Long before Barbie Graced the silver screen, Juliet spoke Shakespearean soliloquies, And as this character Loved Romeo, Few people actually know That “wherefore” Means “why,” And why not try To advocate To appreciate Being human Regardless of being A man and/or a woman, And summon the courage To abandon rage, And instead, Set the stageContinue reading “The Benefit of Juliet”

Books you should read, according to my BookTok page. By Alena Sachs

Ever since the pandemic started, many teens and young adults started using the up-and-coming app, TikTok, as their form of entertainment. TikTok has become a very popular platform for Generation Z and is used by many companies as their form of marketing. On this app, people can play with filters, try cool challenges, and danceContinue reading “Books you should read, according to my BookTok page. By Alena Sachs”