Saw with Awe

Presently present The gift of life No need to lament Make currency Well-spent Rejoice with a hopeful voice Trying to choose While also refuse A “Sophie’s Choice” Tough decisions Dire circumstances Remembering that The process of elimination Can reveal Fundamental and universal Truths that define reality, And by demonstrating integrity, Anyone can give Forgive AndContinue reading “Saw with Awe”

A House that Lights the Way

Shining on Continuation Moving forward Traveling onward Off to the lighthouse Hoping to see the light Enduring reality Day and night Making use of hours Thinking with clarify Overcoming darkness To reveal the finesse That light can show So that people know Which path to take While accepting Honest mistakes, And then doing Anything itContinue reading “A House that Lights the Way”

Care in the Air

Breathing in positivity, Exhaling negativity Doing the best To cope with reality, And through Scientific inquiry Can people find ways That could possibly Explain existence, And through the development Of an identity Can people define The roles they play each day As a way to say That the air they breathe Provides sustainability So theyContinue reading “Care in the Air”

Items of Imagination

Thinking with the mind Loving with a heart Playing the part Of a soulful person, And while being kind Does come with benefits, Proceed with caution And beware The dangers of decadence That could potentially result In dire consequences, So come to one’s senses And rationalize to realize The gift of independent thought, A presentContinue reading “Items of Imagination”

5 Short Story Recommendations

Short stories were once very popular among readers but have sadly become less popular over the years. However, short stories are now more important than ever! Short stories showcase the talent of writers as they vividly describe people, places, and plots in less than 100 pages! They provide the perfect opportunity for readers interested inContinue reading “5 Short Story Recommendations”

5 Tips for Making Time for Literature During A Busy School Season

As the end of the school year approaches and final exams begin, it can be difficult to find time for recreational reading. However, it is important to continue to do the things you love, especially during a stressful time like studying for final exams! As a reader, you may find yourself in a book slumpContinue reading “5 Tips for Making Time for Literature During A Busy School Season”