5 Attributes of a Good Reading Spot

I believe that you can enjoy a good book anywhere, but there are qualities that can make one reading spot preferable to another. You might be wondering what makes or breaks an adequate reading location… Luckily, I’ve made a list of some factors that can help make a reading location ideal. So without further ado, here are 5 attributes of a good reading spot:

1. It Allows You To Focus

Focus is one of the most important attributes of a good reading spot.

Without focus, it can be difficult to retain the information you’re reading. This is why it’s important to identify what things contribute or take away from your concentration.

For example, in my case, since my mind is so busy, I find that I usually work better when there’s some kind of background noise. Whether it’s music, an oil diffuser, a fan, or even a crowded coffee shop, these background sounds make it easier for me to stay focused. This is why I love coffee shops and bookstore-cafe combos.

If you’re a person who needs complete silence to concentrate, that’s okay too! You might have the most success in a library or on a secluded park bench.

2. It’s Pleasing To Look At

While this might sound frivolous, it matters a lot whether a reading spot is aesthetically pleasing.

We as humans are so affected by our surroundings. For example, when we work or study in a place that is cluttered, dark, or uncomfortable, our minds can start to feel the same way. Isn’t it so much better to work at a clean desk as opposed to a messy, distracting one?

The same concept can be applied to reading. I love my local bookstore and coffee shop because they are clean and welcoming. A good reading spot should feel this way for you too. 

3. It Invites a Sense of Calm

Another vital attribute of a good reading location is whether or not it helps you feel calm.

I believe that a reading spot should invite a sense of relaxation. Reading should be an enjoyable, calming experience, and therefore your environment should help maintain those feelings.

This is why one of my favorite places to enjoy a good book is out in nature. When I’m on a park bench by the lake, surrounded by squirrels, blackberry bushes, and swans, it’s so much easier for me to get lost in a great story.

Any place that helps you feel calm and relaxed is a great location for reading. If you’re in need of some reading destination inspiration, feel free to check out our article Top 7 Places To Enjoy a Good Book.

4. The Environment Is Welcoming

Feeling welcome is an additional quality of a good reading spot that is really important.

I personally love to read at my local bookstore or my favorite coffee shop. While being surrounded by books, the smell of coffee, and working people is pretty inspirational, one of the main reasons why I love these places is the company.

If I’m buying coffee, the staff always asks me how I’m doing, and they remember the names of my partner and I. I’ve also had some lovely conversations with customers and staff members at my favorite bookstore about the books I’m buying or my current reads.

Even if it’s just a bit of small talk, and even if it doesn’t happen at all, the environment of both of these locations always feels so welcoming. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be able to focus or relax at an establishment where the staff is rude.

The concept of a welcoming environment doesn’t have to involve people, however. As long as a place makes you feel like you belong there, I believe that it can be a really excellent reading spot.

5. It Sparks Your Imagination

The fifth and final quality on this list is, I believe, the most important: place that sparks your imagination.

As we all know, reading is made possible by our imaginations. Even if two people are reading the same book, it’s impossible for them to imagine every part of that story in the same way. Imagination is what makes reading such a magical experience, because you can escape from the real world just for a moment to live in a world in your head.

If a particular location doesn’t inspire you to use your imagination, this can make reading a bit tricky, and the information can be harder to retain.

This is why I think it’s so important to read in a place that sparks your imagination. Whether you’re reading from the comfort of your own bed or out on that lakeside park bench I mentioned earlier, as long as a location sparks your imagination, I think it’s a great place to follow a good story.

Final Thoughts

A good reading spot will:

  • Allow you to focus
  • Be pleasing to look at
  • Invite a sense of calm
  • Provide a welcoming environment
  • Spark your imagination

However, I firmly believe that while a good reading spot can definitely enhance your overall experience with a book, it isn’t necessary to enjoy a good story. Reading can still be magical right at home, if that’s what’s most accessible to you. Happy reading!

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