7 Places To Enjoy a Good Book

Reading is one of my all-time favorite things to do. However, I’ve found that reading in bed over and over again can get old after awhile. Sometimes, it can be really enjoyable to visit a place specifically for reading.

I’ve come up with a list of some great reading spots to spark your imagination. Here are 7 places to enjoy a good book.

1. A Local Bookstore

My local bookstore is one of my all-time favorite reading locations.

My bookstore is a part of a local franchise in my county. I love it because it sells not only books, but coffee and journals as well. When I take a break, I love to browse through the notebook aisle, which always inspires me to either read or write a good story.

Another thing I really love about my local bookstore is that it has a cafe built into it. The tables are separate from the rest of the bookstore, but the cozy feeling of being in a bookstore remains. I also appreciate this particular spot because it’s usually quiet, with just the right amount of background noise. Soothing sounds like background chatter, brewing coffee, or the soundtrack to Legend of Zelda that the store often plays help me concentrate on my book.

2. A Local Coffee Shop

Another great place to enjoy a good book is my local coffee shop.

I love this particular destination because they source their ingredients locally and don’t use anything artificial, which is necessary for my diet as a chronically ill person. I love supporting a small business, too!

The staff is super kind, and since I read or write here regularly, they know my order and the names of my partner and I, which is very nice. Additionally, the establishment is clean and well-decorated with a minimal color palette that invites a sense of calm. It’s such a welcoming environment overall, and this really helps me feel relaxed when I’m reading a good book.

Another thing I really love about reading in a coffee shop is the background noise. As I mentioned above, background noise can really help me focus, and there’s something particularly inviting about cafe chatter. I love the lively atmosphere of a good coffee spot.

Overall, this place just really checks all of my boxes for a good reading experience. If you’re interested in learning more about what makes or breaks a reading experience, check out our article 5 Attributes of a Good Reading Spot for additional information.

3. The School Library

School libraries can be a great place to enjoy a good book.

If you’re an in-person college student like me, your schedule might keep you on campus for quite awhile. I personally like to spend the time between classes at my institution’s library.

I really like it here because it’s quiet, comfortable, and a great place to meet new people to read or study with. Dedicating time between classes to read and relax is also a great way for me to refresh my mind for my next course.

The reason why I prefer my school library to my public library is because it fits into my schedule a lot better, and a school library will usually have less traffic and distractions.

4. In Nature

Another excellent place to enjoy a good book is out in nature.

While this one is rather broad, I believe that nature is one of the best places for diving into a story. There is something so calm and relaxing about being surrounded by plants and wildlife, and reading in these environments always fills me with peace.

One of my favorite nature destinations for enjoying a good book is my local lake. There are many mild walking trails and secluded areas that are perfect for locating a good park bench for reading. The ducks and squirrels are always a plus, and there are blackberries in the summer, too.

As long as you can find a place in nature that is safe, inspiring, and accessible to you, it will make a wonderful reading spot. 

5. A Public Library

A public library is another great reading spot.

These libraries are different from school libraries because they are open to the public and usually have a broader selection of books. I love that you can visit a public library when you don’t have a book on you, because there are so many great reads that you can check out for free.

Taking a trip to a public library to read is an excellent way to spend the day with a friend or family member, too.

6. At My Desk

Reading at my desk is another favorite spot of mine.

I work as a full time sci-fi/fantasy author, so sometimes I like to take a lot of reading breaks to research for my stories or simply relax. However, if these breaks take place during my “work hours,” I’ll usually choose my desk over my bed so I can separate work from rest.

I love reading at my desk because there’s a lot of space for me to spread open my book and annotate passages with pens, highlighters, and sticky tabs. I’ve found that annotating my books is a great way for me to concentrate on what I’m reading and retain information better, and my desk provides a great place for me to do that since I have access to all of my supplies.

7. In Bed

While I love all of the locations listed above, one of my all time favorite places to enjoy a good book is my bed.

Since I’m an author (and chronically ill), I spend a lot of time at home, which is why it can be really fun to leave the house to enjoy a reading session in a different location. However, sometimes my bed is the most accessible and comfortable choice, which is fine by me.

There’s something cozy about reading in bed that never gets old, especially when it’s raining and I have my string lights on. It’s warm, comfortable, and allows me to associate reading with relaxation.

I like to enjoy a leisurely read in bed for at least 15 minutes every night before I go to sleep. This helps me make a habit out of reading, and it’s also a great way for me to shut my mind off for the day. Our article How to Make Reading a Habit provides more information about habitual reading, if you’re curious.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a place to go and read can be an excellent way to boost your literary motivation, find focus, and relax. By exploring settings like your local bookstores, libraries, and coffee shops, you can enhance your overall reading experience.

However, while choosing an exciting destination to crack open a book can be fun, you can still enjoy the act of reading right at home. No matter where you read, if you’re interested in exploring new places, I’m sure a good book will take you there.

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