5 Tips for Making Time for Literature During A Busy School Season

As the end of the school year approaches and final exams begin, it can be difficult to find time for recreational reading. However, it is important to continue to do the things you love, especially during a stressful time like studying for final exams!

As a reader, you may find yourself in a book slump during this time or discover that you just do not have the time or energy to commit to a long novel or book series.

How can you make time for literature as you continue to work on AP exams, finals, and end of the school year projects? What are some tips for time management during the end of the school busy season?  

I’ve got you covered with tips for making time for recreational reading and reading suggestions that won’t take away from your school duties! Throughout this series, I’ll offer tips for time management and organizational skills. Additionally, I’ll offer reading suggestions that are engaging and can be read in one sitting.

It is important to continue to cultivate your love for literature and make time for your hobbies in between final exams!

From short stories to audio books to poems alike, there are many reading alternatives besides committing to a 10-book series or starting a 1,000 page novel during a busy time! You can reach your yearly reading goal in addition to discovering new reading material with these tips and suggestions. And who knows, you might even find that short stories or poems are your new favorite literature!

To begin this series, I’ll begin with 5 tips for making time for literature and reading material recommendations that will provide you with an interesting yet short story!

1. Set aside 30 minutes a day to read recreationally!

Whether you are in the middle of a novel or are interested in a short story, deciding to commit a portion of your day to reading can be extremely helpful in making time for literature! You can mentally make this decision or write down a time slot in your planner. A daily 30-minute read can give you a break and bring you back to your study notes with a refreshed mind. Sometimes the best way to find time for reading for fun is to consciously make the decision to spend a portion of your day doing so! Similar to making a daily study plan, a daily reading commitment can help you find the time in your day to curl up with a good book in between study sessions!

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2. Set aside time for a short story!

You may find yourself in a book slump during the end of the school year and be reluctant to start a long book when you know you won’t have the time to fully commit to it. Even if you are interested in beginning a longer book, setting aside 30 minutes a day to read it may not be enough time! However, there is a solution for you getting a daily dose of intriguing tales that can be read in one sitting in between study sessions: short stories! It is truly a talent when authors are able to describe colorful characters, captivating settings, and storylines that span a lifetime all in only 30 pages! Across time and all around the globe, you can have your pick of short stories from your favorite genres. This is a great time to try reading more short stories and provides for the perfect study break! 

3. Try a poem! 

If you are interested in expanding your reading material and find yourself short on time, poetry may be the perfect choice for a daily read! A beautiful poem can tell an entire story, all written in a beautiful and lyrical manner, that stays with you long after you’ve finished the last line. Poems do not only include the romance genre as may be the stereotype. Poets have long covered topics ranging from politics to daily life to social commentary. You may just discover a new found love for poetry during this busy time!  

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4. Listen to an audiobook! 

You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed at the end of the school year as you finish homework assignments, study for final exams, and complete class presentations. It can often be difficult to find time for all of your duties in addition to making time for your hobbies. Listening to an audiobook provides the opportunity for you to actually do two things at once in a way that does not detract attraction from either activity and allows you to enjoy an engaging story! Whether you are working out, doing laundry, or even getting ready for school, audiobooks are an excellent option to enjoy your favorite book (or a new read!) without having to feel like you are compromising on either your recreational reading or study time. 

5. Write your own story!

You may find inspiration in the stories you read that motivates you to create your own literary work. During the end of the school year season, writing can be a therapeutic and enjoyable activity for you in between your study sessions. Taking a few minutes each day to write down your thoughts for a new story or character is very exciting. This can be a great way to start the base of the novel you can begin writing and committing to in full during the summer months! Although this is not a reading suggestion, literature of all forms can be inspiring! I fully believe in Our Future Reads’ mission to being curious and in letting that curiosity take you to new worlds with your own pen. 

I hope you find value in and enjoy these suggestions as you grow into your reading journey! All of us here at Our Future Reads wish you luck on any final exams or projects you are currently working on! You have got this! 

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