A Path from Plath

Sylvia Plath Formed a path That went far beyond The contrasts Of masculinity And femininity, And social change Actually does happen, So a poetry collection That references The Little Mermaid Uncovers the mysteries That surround society, So whether on land Or within the depths of the sea, Never underestimate The power of poetry, And ifContinue reading “A Path from Plath”

Lend a Hand to Understand

Even when times are tough, enough might not even be good enough, And the willpower To help a fellow Human being can reveal The power of giving, And even though Nothing can change the past, And change within itself Might feel strange, Having the willingness To improve Could inspire Others to move Collectively As wellContinue reading “Lend a Hand to Understand”

The Charms of Change

Heraclitus knew How change happens constantly, And that is an accurate way To describe reality, And as society as a whole Undergoes radical transformation, Live with authenticity Rather than doubt, And dare to reform By defying the norm, And even though Change might seem strange, Rearrange thinking, And utilize Both sensation and perception To realizeContinue reading “The Charms of Change”

Appreciation of Liberation

The healing power of forgiveness Marveling at the finesse Of being alive Learning from mistakes and doing anything it takes To continue on the journey For after the dawn, Life truly does go on, And as the heart beats, Now is the time to experience the freedom by knowing that the past truly is history,Continue reading “Appreciation of Liberation”

The Nonsense of Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility both left indelible marks on literary history, and given the current state of the post-modern world, surrender to the wonder of a whole new world where nothing remains the same, but rather than blame, remember that life itself is not even a game, especially since there is noContinue reading “The Nonsense of Prejudice”

Essential Potential

Focusing on the fundamental can help people overcome the insurmountable, and while trying to put food on a table, it is essential to remain stable so that people are able to do anything good, and perhaps… even more than they should, for being great can make others appreciate the wonderful wonders that people do forContinue reading “Essential Potential”