9 Fantastic Reading Locations To Enjoy A Book

The location of reading enhances your enjoyment of a book. Sometimes, the location is etched along with the story of the book in your memory. The place you read is that important. But different books are enjoyed in different settings. Read on to find out how.

  • An Armchair By The Fireplace

On a cold winter night, as the fire crackles in the fireplace, I love being curled up with a blanket around me on a comfortable armchair. With a cup of hot chocolate warming my hands, and the fire casting ghostly shadows around the room, I find it the perfect setting to enjoy thrillers and horror novels.

  • A Hammock By The Beach

Lying on a hammock strung between trees that provide ample shade is bliss. With the music of the waves in the background, while the briny air tickles my nose, novels akin to Maeve Binchy’s make the best beach read. Insightful fictions about life and relationships are best read on a beach.

  • A Window Seat

While I Sit by the window on a fall evening, enjoying the chirping of the birds and the breeze caressing my face, the gently dancing branches outside my window cast animated designs of autumn leaves on the pages of my book. When the aroma of pumpkin spice lingers in the air, cozy mysteries are the most enjoyable.

  • Public Transportation

You are not just traveling in your book world but real life too. How cool is that? I enjoy the comforting mundanity of a train journey, its constant speed, and the passing scenery in my peripheral vision while I get lost in a story. Something about a journey alone in a train with a book is soothing.

  • A Library

When surrounded by books, it feels like being among faithful and loyal friends. Like a true friend, a book is a mirror into your soul and doesn’t hesitate to give you the facts about life and yourself, however hard. It’s fair to say they do have a spine. Lost amidst those best friends’ musty-smelling pages, a library is the best portal into other amazing worlds.

  • Parks

Parks are the best places to read non-fiction. As I ponder a profound life philosophy or a perfect formula for career advancement, the children’s peals of laughter, the joyful barks of pets, and the chatter of the people blend perfectly with such a eureka moment. Life as we know it and life that can be get superimposed on each other, gets me feeling like I have experienced something profound. Your tree of enlightenment can be in the park near you.

  • Restaurants

It is said that those who can dine alone in a restaurant by themselves can do anything in their life. But I say that a person who can read is never alone. Feel like trying out a food joint none of your friends want to? Want to grab a quick lunch at work, but all your work-friends are busy? Never fear when you have a book into which you can peer. And it is also the best place for people-watching. You might even find people matching the descriptions of characters in your novel. Won’t that be awesomely weird? Or weirdly awesome?

  • An Airplane

Only those who have traveled internationally know how painfully slow time passes during air travel. A page-turner mystery is my best friend during those times. A book like that is a salve to a bored mind. A heart-warming romance novel could also enhance your experience of floating on the clouds. Good luck finding cloud number nine.

  • A Bed

Bedtime stories are not just for kids. Why must kids have all the fun? Reading in bed on a lazy weekend or breezing through a few pages right before sleeping are some of the best experiences in life. A page-turner could keep you up all night, though. So it’s better to read non-fiction right before sleeping. That way, your subconscious mind might absorb and ruminate on an important life lesson, and you might wake up armed with the knowledge to make your dreams come true. Moreover, if you find it hard to fall asleep at night, books make the best sleeping pills.

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