How to Instill Curiosity in Life (and Reading)

Life can become repetitive. Now, more so than ever, days feel the same. We can change our lives by becoming more curious about everything around us. Add these five questions to your daily routine: Who? What? When? Where? Why? You can be curious about anything you see fit and then some! Here are four different ways to instill curiosity into your life and reading.


The best way to become curious about something is to question it. Just like the basic question: “Why are we here?” No one knows, but everyone is always curious. To be curious in reading is the same way. You may ask yourself why did that character do this? The best way to cure that curiosity bug is to read on!


How can you be curious about something you didn’t know existed? By stepping outside your box into something you aren’t used to, you may realize there is knowledge to acquire about different things. When reading, reach for a genre you usually wouldn’t. Switch romantic fiction for science fiction or historical fiction for endless new perspectives to come rushing to you!


You never know how much you can learn by sitting down with someone new. They may be into something you’ve never heard of! It’s amazing to be curious about something that someone else is passionate about. The knowledge someone has can fuel your curiosity for a subject you had never thought of. Or maybe vice versa, a conversation between two people can spark many things. Having a conversation with someone new could also show you a new perspective to life. Take a day to look at something from the perspective of someone else to increased your own curiosity.


How can you be curious when you can’t take the time to do so? Slowing down can not only lower stress, but it can also make you realize things around you that have gone unnoticed. Take the longer way home from work one day or go on a walk instead of the run. Just like everything before, you can slow down when you’re reading. Maybe read further into the book. Research something mentioned you haven’t heard of, become a book analysis! Read in between the lines to foster curious that comes from the story.


Try these four tips to become more curious as you step outside the box in many ways more than one. Curiosity is a bug that everyone can catch. Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing”. So why not be curious right now?

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