Quarterly Newsletter #1

Our Future Reads is excited to announce our Quarterly Newsletter (a month late)!

Our mission statement at Our Future Reads is – For those that are curious, be curious! Through books, curiosity is born. People say, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ we say it’s fine to do that, as long as you took the first step in picking it up. Our Future Reads is here to make sure those without readily available access to books get an opportunity to read whatever piques their curiosity.

Within the past month, our team has grown in a positive way. Not only have we added new team members, but our stock of books has increased tremendously. We now have a large collection of books in our warehouse, including a wide variety of authors and genres. Due to the increase of books, it has allowed us to upgrade our storage spaces. These books will ensure our organization connects readers to books that interest them.

Organizations including PCC Wellness, SisterHouse, GirlForward, Carole Robertson Center for Learning, and The Day Nursery, are now a part of The Access Program (TAP). TAP is a recurring book donation that allows recipients to build up their own personal library. Recipients take a genre survey that then matches them to certain books in our inventory to find what books will best match their interests.

A huge thank you goes out to William Beye School in Oak Park, Illinois. We have received 4,000 books from them which makes our Access Program sustainable for over three years! We really cannot thank them enough.

On top of the 4,000 from William Beye School, we have collected about 11,000 books! 2,000 of which came from book drives sponsored by Our Future Reads. Some of the book drives were Leah at Julian Middle School, Western Cook County Jack and Jill Associates, and Western Cook County Jack and Jill Teen Group. A big thank you to all included in the book drives! You can read about them all on our community spotlight here.

Aside from book donations and the amazing collection we have added, a blog has also been created! In this blog, you can find articles on recent donations, book drives, and much more to come. Our first donation story on the blog is about a young boy using books for comfort after leaving a domestic violence situation. Books were selected based off his interests and are sure to put a smile on his face. Check out the blog post here.

Here at Our Future Reads, we are grateful for all the success so far and the trajectory of where the organization is going. We will keep making people happy as they enjoy the books they’re most interested in. Thank you to all of those involved thus far and we look forward to what the future has in-store!

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