Books That Celebrate Female Friendship

August first is National Girlfriends Day, a time to celebrate the friendships you have with the amazing women in your life! Think about how often you turn to your girlfriends and how many times they’ve made you laugh until you cry. Friendship between women is powerful and beautiful, so why not look for these relationships in your next read? Below I’ve gathered some great reads with inspiring female friendships to enjoy!

Yours Cheerfully by A.J. Pearce

Yours Cheerfully is a novel that follows Emmeline Lake as she tackles becoming an advice columnist during the second world war in 1941 London. Emmy’s bestfriend Bunty is still recovering from the destructive Blitz when the Ministry of Information asks Britain’s women’s magazines to help in the recruitment of female workers, leading the two friends to meet a young woman facing the brutal reality of wartime employment. Emmy must decide to stand up for women facing motherhood in times of war or to continue writing what the magazine asks her to.

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

This novel is the story of Janie Crawford, a girl born of mixed race in the early 20th century telling her story to her friend Pheoby Watson. Her story begins with a strong-willed and independent Janie setting out to become her own person and includes her three marriages and themes of love, race, sexuality, power and fulfillment.

Friendship by Emily Gould

Friendship follows best friends Bev Tunney and Amy Schein who are now thirty and living very different lives. Bev is mourning her ex, still doesn’t live on her own, and has a pile of student loan debt weighing her down. Amy’s life seems put together as she continues to revel in her early success, but she’s always had a habit of burning bridges that is beginning to catch up to her. When the two find out that Bev is pregnant they have to begin facing new realities that might try to pull them apart.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Sisters Celie and Nettie were separated as children but refused to lose connection throughout the years by exchanging a series of letters during their time apart. This novel focuses on African American women in the early 20th century in Georgia and sheds light on sexual and domestic abuse as well as growth, bravery, and friendship.

Closing Thoughts

The titles above are just a few books that demonstrate the strength we can find in female friendships. Girlfriends are an important part of our lives and many books celebrate these relationships, so make sure to keep an eye out for them and suggest them to your girlfriends! Stay curious, and stay reading!

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