Book Recommendations for Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month so I’ve rounded up a few book recommendations that explore the lives of disabled characters. It can be difficult to find accurate and respectful representations for minority groups such as the disabled community but after some digging I found some fan favorites that shed light on lives that are often hard to find in literature, so be sure to check them out this July!

1. True Biz by Sara Nović

In the halls of River Valley School for the Deaf students just want to live their lives, fall in love, and not be told what they can and can’t do. This novel follows Charlie, a transfer student new to the deaf community, Austin, the golden boy who’s new sister is born hearing, and headmistress February who’s trying to keep both her career and marriage afloat. Each character faces challenges both personal and political that intertwin their stories in this coming of age tale.

2. A Time to Dance by Padma Venkatraman

Bharatanatyam dance prodigy Veda’s life starts down a different path when she suddenly becomes a below-knee amputee. Veda refuses to let go of her dreams and trades her usual applause and praise for beginner classes with the younger girls as she learns new skills with a prosthetic leg. When Veda meets Govinda, a dancer who views the craft with spirituality, Veda learns to dig even deeper into herself to find out what dance means to her.

3. So Lucky by Nicola Griffith

Head of a multi-million dollar AIDS foundation and martial artist Mara Tagarelli’s life takes a turn when her wife leaves her and she’s diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the same week. Mara’s friends, family, and body are letting her down but she will fight to take back control over her life. Join Mara as she fights against the American systems that are supposed to help the disabled and chronically ill.

4. Good Kings Bad Kings by Susan Nussbaum

Nussbaum’s novel takes place inside an isolated institution for juveniles with disabilities in Chicago. Those inside its walls are building friendship, trust, and love while trying to fight against the mistreatment and neglect surrounding their community.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that you’ve found a book you’re interested in picking up this month! Remember that July is Disability Pride Month and that the celebration of diversity isn’t limited to a month! Stay curious and happy reading!

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