What I Learned in 2021

As the calendar year switches and the little scribbles from 2021 to 2022 begin, I wanted to take a different approach to my content and make it more of a personal feel.  For this blog post, I wanted to discuss what I learned in the past year.

Lesson #1

Don’t underestimate myself. Other than writing and editing I enjoy the fitness lifestyle. Last year on my 21st birthday, I decided to start a journey that changed me completely. I put myself first and stuck to goals and to my surprise a year later, I was looking back on how crazy it was. In May of 2021, I learned not to underestimate myself. Progress sometimes isn’t always measured by the results but what you learned and how you changed.

Lesson #2

Patience is a virtue. Multiple google source says this means patience is a good quality to have as good things take time. I graduated college this year in May and thus far, have not had any leads on jobs. I remind myself to have patience, that finding a good job and the right one will take time. To learn to cope during those 100 no’s until the email asking for an interview pops up.

Lesson #3

My ability to adapt to changing things. This past year a lot has changed for me, whether that was with my family or what I’m actively doing with my life. As a family, we had to overcome a large bump in the road, and it mixed the dynamics in the household. Aside from my family, I believe everyone had to adapt during the pandemic. With rules and restrictions constantly changing I had to learn how to change my day-to-day life to make sure I was looking out for myself and those around me.

Lesson #4

Put yourself first. If there’s anything I learned from living a whole year in a pandemic state, it’s to put yourself first. The fatigue we experience can set in and sometimes you fail to fill your own cup before checking in on those around you. Be selfish, check yourself first. Mental health has become such a big topic throughout this year for good reason. If we fail to take care of our mental health it could hurt us in ways we didn’t know.

Wrapping It Up

Now many of you I’m sure are wondering, Alex…this doesn’t coincide with books and reading. And I actually do believe it does. A lot can be taught from reading if you put the time into it. If you’re new to reading don’t underestimate yourself when you first start. Take it slow and set a goal for yourself as you find new things to read. Time and patience are your friends when reading a story. You must be patient when reading till the climax of a story. The details and storytelling are there for a reason and you are meant to take time on it. The ability to adapt is important when you’re joining a book club. Different people hold different opinions so you may have to read a book that’s outside of your genre pick. Don’t shy away from it, adapt.

I think Mental Health is the most important connection to reading. Personally, reading and putting myself first always go hand-in-hand. When I need to refill my cup and take a minute to breathe one of the first things I do is turn to a book. There’s something to reading about the life of someone else that takes away from your own. Reading can take your mind off things and put you in a whole new world.

Look back on the year you had. If you learned similar things to me, take the chance and pick up a book and see the connections reading has with everything. I hope everyone had a fabulous 2021 and as we go into the new year, stay safe and keep reading!  

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I am a recent graduate from Montclair State that loves to write and edit work! I found my love for literature at a young age and ever since, I have taken it on as a career. In my free time, I enjoy being with friends, going to the beach, or snowboarding in the winter. With my love for literature, I wish to inspire others along the way.

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