Getting Over Reader’s Block!

It happens. You pick up a book that’s been on your list for months, read two chapters, and get tired of it. Now what? Do you put it down and forget about it for a week or tirelessly push through? Never mind writers block, here is a few ways to push through readers block to get back to reading!

Put it Down!

Let’s start simple, just put the book down and forget it! Don’t feel obligated. The worst thing for readers block is a slow book. Yes, it happens. If you keep trying to pick up the book only to put it down and say “later”, it only postpones the chances of picking up a book that better suits you. So, no pressure if you can’t finish a book!

Simple is Better!

Start simple! The best books to read if you want to get into reading, are the easy reads. Easy story lines are easy to follow and are fun to pick apart. Fun beach reads, an old favorite, or a short story are perfect ways to get back into something you once loved.

Switch it Up!

Try a different genre than what you’re used to! A good way to jump into something it by taking a step into a different direction. The amazing thing about books and genres is the number of choices we have to choose from. Thriller, Sci-Fi, Romance, it’s all there!

Join a Book Club!

Find a book club and join! A great way to get into reading is by doing it with a group of friends and laughter. If you find a book club that isn’t extremely serious, it’s a fun way to talk about the book and get into reading.

Book Network!

Book network! Read the Noble Prize list, or Barnes and Noble’s lists of top books in the year. Network with people of the same interests and talk about books you all would be interested in. It’s a great way to learn about new authors or books you didn’t know existed.

Readers everywhere get readers’ block. It’s nothing to get frustrated about but there are ways to go about it. No need to fret if you’ve come to a crossroads in your relationship with books! Keep calm and keep reading!

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I am a recent graduate from Montclair State that loves to write and edit work! I found my love for literature at a young age and ever since, I have taken it on as a career. In my free time, I enjoy being with friends, going to the beach, or snowboarding in the winter. With my love for literature, I wish to inspire others along the way.

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