For All Members of the Public Domain

Attention citizens

and denizens,

do more than hear and say,

for today is all we have,

and owning this day

could hopefully create

a way to appreciate

Life upon the home for all,

especially since

once upon a lifetime

describes the life

of any given person,

and even with challenges

that people must endure,

do the best

to stay pure

for the flow of water

and the bounty of the sea

can help all that lives

simply be,

and within reality,

doing nothing at all

could lead to a downfall

similar to

the fall of the Roman Empire,

so aspire to inspire

to lead to a

newfound Renaissance

filled with hopeful possibilities

as the ones who

benefit society

practice humility

with no need for glory

as the story

of life on Earth

could result in people

understanding their own worth,

and the gratitude that comes

from knowing why people

began their lives since birth

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