The Hour the Flower Rose Above

Classic symbol of love

Passionate like

The Wings of the Dove

And looking above

Before below

Can provide a way

For people to know

What to say

Come what may

As a part

Of each day,

And rising after

The light of dawn

Can inspire people

To continue on,

For romantic misconceptions

Could be a part

Of first impressions,

And with the heart

And the soul,

People could become


For the sensible

Would cope with the impossible

While sensing ways

To make use of days,

And rise before sunset

To make time well-spent,

For a reclusive life

Does sound like

A waste of a lifetime,

So dare with audacity

Without being ostentatious

To benefit society

Within the newfound reality

With no need for doubt

About the meanings of love

That Jane Austen wrote about

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