Community Spotlight: Leah Pollock

Recently, Our Future Reads was humbled to be able to partner with Julian Student, Leah Pollock. Leah reached out to OFR and was very professional when she interviewed us via Zoom to learn about our mission to promote literacy for those who have limited access to books. Ms. Pollock, with the assistance of Julian’s Librarian, Jamie Winchell, took the lead and launched her very own book drive in support of our program! When they first contacted us in March of this year to talk about the service project, Leah did her due diligence to make sure we were a good fit for her task. After our conversation over Zoom, Leah championed the book drive around her community. When she reached back out at the end of April, she had collected over 250 books to donate to Our Future Reads! This is truly impressive from such an amazing and generous community. Here at Our Future Reads, we thank Leah, Ms. Winchell, and Leah’s community for their generous book donations and support. These books will find homes, and help with the sharing of knowledge, and the love of reading for communities in need. The books Leah donated will truly create lasting memories for the curious readers that receive them. Thank you so much Leah!

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  1. Leah, your energy and entrepreneurial spirit was on display during this project. As always, your heart is in the right place can you put forth great effort to make our world a better place for others.Keep up the good work. You make us all proud. Love, Papa and grandma

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