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We improve students’ reading skills!

Reading is much more than sounding out words. It’s about being an active reader — making connections, visualizing, inferring and more. It’s a skill that requires effort and can open up a whole new world to your child. It’s normal for kids to need a little help in reading, and you’re right to want to give your child a boost with such a crucial skill.

The Our Future Reads Curiosity Lab takes a highly personalized data-driven approach to reading tutoring. We know that no child is the same, which is why our approach is much different than conventional tutoring. We work within your child’s interests to motivate them to learn. Tutoring with our methods has achieved an incredible success rate. Our first session is FREE, so you can try it out for yourself!

What makes us special is that our reading tutors are able to identify your child’s needs and create an individual learning plan, just for them. They adjust their pace with each lesson, ensuring your young reader is challenged but never frustrated. You’ll love the day when your child does not just end a book they say, “Let me tell you about what I just read!”

We have uniquely inspired over 2,000 individuals and families. Become a part of our family today and give your child the gift of being a fantastic reader.

To help your child improve at reading, our tutors teach your child how to:

  • Identify the main theme and supporting details of a text
  • Ask meaningful questions in order to understand text
  • Answer questions about a text after reading it
  • Read grade-level texts with accuracy and aloud at a natural pace
  • Understand how punctuation impacts reading fluency
  • Break a word down into syllables, or use syllabication
  • Recognize suffixes and inflectional endings
  • Identify common synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms
  • and much more!


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“The tutor was very encouraging and helped me through the entire process step by step!”


“Amazing tutor! Helped a lot :)”


“My tutor helped me through my question and let me try it on my own which was good for my learning style.”


“Very helpful! Extremely patient and explained perfectly! Great tutor.”


“Thanks for the help! I love how the tutors can read your essays and give you personal feedback.”