Curiosity Lab Tutoring

Your child will become the best reader in class!

Reading is like unlocking a secret portal to a whole new world – it’s not just about sounding out words like a robot, but about being an adventurous reader, discovering connections, imagining stories in your mind and making detective-like inferences. It’s a journey that requires effort, but the reward of a vivid world of imagination is well worth it. If your little reader needs a helping hand, don’t fret, it’s a normal part of the process and you’re wise to give them a boost in this crucial life skill.

The Our Future Reads Curiosity Lab revolutionizes reading tutoring with its highly personalized and data-driven approach. Our expert reading tutors dive into your child’s unique needs to craft a bespoke learning plan, tailoring each session to their individual pace and abilities. Your child will never feel overwhelmed or frustrated, instead they’ll be challenged and motivated to keep reading. Imagine the delight you’ll feel when your child finishes a book and can’t wait to share their newfound love of reading with you.

We have uniquely inspired over 2,000 individuals and families. Become a part of our family today and give your child the gift of being a fantastic reader.

To help your child improve at reading, our tutors teach your child how to:

  • Identify the main theme and supporting details of a text
  • Ask meaningful questions in order to understand text
  • Answer questions about a text after reading it
  • Read grade-level texts with accuracy and aloud at a natural pace
  • Understand how punctuation impacts reading fluency
  • Break a word down into syllables, or use syllabication
  • Recognize suffixes and inflectional endings
  • Identify common synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms
  • and much more!

Interested in your child becoming the best reader in class?