Book Recommendations Based on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

July 7th marked the release of Taylor Swift’s Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) album including 6 brand new songs from the Vault – Taylor’s collection of unreleased songs!   Below is a list of book recommendations for each of Taylor’s Vault track songs from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) that are sure to have you “Enchanted”! “Electric Touch”Continue reading “Book Recommendations Based on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)”

New Books Coming Out Summer 2023 

Summer provides the opportunity for many new book releases. Those who work in the publishing industry, and book lovers, know that Tuesdays are release day for books! The new releases of this summer’s Tuesdays are certainly exciting and interesting!  From romances to thrillers to historical fiction, there is something for every reader to add toContinue reading “New Books Coming Out Summer 2023 “

Book Recommendations for Summer: Part Two 

Science Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy Welcome readers and book lovers for the second part of book recommendations for summer! Last week’s blog post offered summer book recommendations for readers interested in romance, thrillers, and historical fiction. This week’s post focuses on science fiction, mystery, and fantasy.  These three genres, although distinctly unique, all share similarities includingContinue reading “Book Recommendations for Summer: Part Two “

Book Recommendations for Summer

Romance, Thriller, Historical Fiction    The months of summer are unlike any other time of the year. Summertime is an era of warm weather, cool breezes, school breaks, and fun with family and friends. Summer also provides the perfect opportunity for readers to catch up on their to-read list and discover new books. Whenever IContinue reading “Book Recommendations for Summer”

5 Short Story Recommendations

Short stories were once very popular among readers but have sadly become less popular over the years. However, short stories are now more important than ever! Short stories showcase the talent of writers as they vividly describe people, places, and plots in less than 100 pages! They provide the perfect opportunity for readers interested inContinue reading “5 Short Story Recommendations”

5 Tips for Making Time for Literature During A Busy School Season

As the end of the school year approaches and final exams begin, it can be difficult to find time for recreational reading. However, it is important to continue to do the things you love, especially during a stressful time like studying for final exams! As a reader, you may find yourself in a book slumpContinue reading “5 Tips for Making Time for Literature During A Busy School Season”