International Book Lovers Day Recommendations

International Book Lovers Day was August ninth, but really, what’s stopping the celebration? This holiday gives readers a chance to celebrate the many aspects of reading that they love such as digging into a new adventure, meeting inspiring characters, or exploring a new world. There are so many books and genres out there to chooseContinue reading “International Book Lovers Day Recommendations”

Books That Celebrate Female Friendship

August first is National Girlfriends Day, a time to celebrate the friendships you have with the amazing women in your life! Think about how often you turn to your girlfriends and how many times they’ve made you laugh until you cry. Friendship between women is powerful and beautiful, so why not look for these relationshipsContinue reading “Books That Celebrate Female Friendship”

Books with Adaptations to Beat Anti-Boredom Month

For many the month of July is the hottest month of the year and after the fourth, can be lacking in excitement since there aren’t many other major holidays. July is also known as National Anti-Boredom Month in hopes of beating the heat driven dullness while many seek refuge at home. One way to beatContinue reading “Books with Adaptations to Beat Anti-Boredom Month”

Book Recommendations for Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month so I’ve rounded up a few book recommendations that explore the lives of disabled characters. It can be difficult to find accurate and respectful representations for minority groups such as the disabled community but after some digging I found some fan favorites that shed light on lives that are oftenContinue reading “Book Recommendations for Disability Pride Month”

Reading Journals and How to Use Them

If you’re interested in further engaging with the texts you’re reading, a reading journal may be something to consider. Imagine a space dedicated to your personal thoughts, memories, and ideas about the books you’ve read. A journal is a great way to create a tangible form of your reading experience and can be completely customizedContinue reading “Reading Journals and How to Use Them”

Five New Fantasy Books to Read This Summer

For many summer is a time to both rest and play, to take a break from the mundane and delve into the dreams we’ve pushed aside for another time. While you were busy during the other seasons, authors were working behind the scenes to bring your next adventure to life. Below you will find fiveContinue reading “Five New Fantasy Books to Read This Summer”

Meet the Writers: Bookshelf Tour with Samantha Velie

A bookshelf tour is one of the easiest ways to get to know a person. You can see the different genres someone enjoys, the fantastical worlds they like to escape into, and even the topics they choose to learn about. Today I’ll be giving you a look at some of my favorite books in myContinue reading “Meet the Writers: Bookshelf Tour with Samantha Velie”

Five Books to Cozy Up with This Fall

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to wrapping up in a fluffy blanket, nursing warm drink, and indulging in a book that serves up all the right spooky or cozy vibes for Autumn. As the temperature drops and we find ourselves spending more time inside, this season is a great opportunity to catchContinue reading “Five Books to Cozy Up with This Fall”

Understanding Clichés and Tropes

Cliches and tropes have been around for centuries, embedding themselves into the minds of readers and subconsciously shaping their preferences. The villain with a tragic past, the secretive new girl in town, the small town dreamer turned epic hero: these are just a few examples of common literary tropes. How have authors used these classicContinue reading “Understanding Clichés and Tropes”

5 Dark Academia Novel Recommendations Based on Their Aesthetics

Dark academia is among the most popular aesthetics readers search for when looking for a new book. An aesthetic that puts a dark veil over classical academia, one that’s filled with old libraries, pleated uniform skirts, loafers, and skulls filled with melting candles. If you’re looking to peer into mysterious student life, fantastical dilemmas, andContinue reading “5 Dark Academia Novel Recommendations Based on Their Aesthetics”