5 Books by Asian Authors

In many ways, media representation may seem trivial compared to the other serious issues plaguing the Asian American community. It’s certainly a valid critique— the push for representation must also be applied to policies passed on a state and national level. Representation in media is merely one facet of equity. Without institutional reform, real changeContinue reading “5 Books by Asian Authors”

5 Mangas to Read This Summer! (For Beginners)

With anime becoming increasingly popular in our mainstream media, I’ve decided to compile my top 5 manga from various genres. For those unfamiliar with anime, it’s regarded as Japanese animation in the United States. Manga is the graphic novel or comic book equivalent of anime. The majority of anime is adapted from manga, although notContinue reading “5 Mangas to Read This Summer! (For Beginners)”

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Graphic Novels

Growing up with a love for all creative forms of fiction, I found myself most drawn to novels. I spent hours at a time immersed in the worlds presented to me; a book was on me at all times. Reading was always something I sought out on my own, never instructed. To my parents andContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Graphic Novels”