How to Build Literacy in Children and Adults

In all likelihood, you first began building literacy skills in early-childhood. Either at home, at a childcare facility, or both. At some point you were probably exposed to rudimentary reading.   But what happens if a child misses out on these early exercises? Can literacy skills be gained after the early years of learning comeContinue reading “How to Build Literacy in Children and Adults”

What is a Non-Profit Organization?

You hear it all the time—  words like foundations, charities, non-profit organizations, and mutual-aid societies. But, what do all of these words really mean? Do they all mean the same thing? Or, is each type of organization different?  If you have ever been curious about the differences between these types of organizations, the team atContinue reading “What is a Non-Profit Organization?”

So Many Books; So Little Storage— Help Our Non-Profit in Chicago, IL

Our Future Reads is a non-profit in Chicago IL, with a simple goal.  We want to find a home for every book you donate to us. Thanks to your generous book donations, and the work of so many people who care about our mission, we have been able to collect over 20,000 books!  Our inventoryContinue reading “So Many Books; So Little Storage— Help Our Non-Profit in Chicago, IL”

Why Does Reading Build Empathy?

Do you ever wonder— why does reading build empathy in people? It might seem like a simple question with a simple answer. But, like most outwardly simple questions, it might be more nuanced than you initially think.  It makes sense that humans build empathy through interpersonal interactions. Spending time with friends and family, learning howContinue reading “Why Does Reading Build Empathy?”

Grammar and Literacy: A Deep Dive

Grammar and literacy go hand in hand. Understanding grammar is the key to unlocking the secrets of the written word. Without a firm grasp on grammar, it is impossible to become literate. In the English speaking world, we place a high emphasis on developing literacy. And for good reason. Being literate can make life easierContinue reading “Grammar and Literacy: A Deep Dive”